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Blue Tangerine Elevates BLACK & DECKER’s Brand Growth Through An Integrated Campaign

BLACK & DECKER primarily caters to two segments of target audiences each with varied expectations and demands:  
    • Homeowners – These individuals are their biggest segment, who would use BLACK & DECKER products for various projects related to home refurbishment and daily household purposes. Homeowners would be interested in BLACK & DECKER products due to their durability and quality.
  • Skilled professionals – These are individuals such as plumbers, electricians, builders, who would frequently use power tools for their professional work.

The Challenge: Online Presence And Target Audience​

With the rising popularity of social media platforms and online shopping, BLACK & DECKER were somehow struggling to establish a proper presence on popular channels like Instagram and Facebook and engage with their key audiences who were making purchasing decisions. The problem laid in devising a solid digital channel strategy to connect with the two types of identified target segments to build awareness and engagement and ultimately increase sales from the digital sphere.

How Blue Tangerine Responded

    • Audience mapping and persona-specific content creation – Initially in-depth market research was undertaken to define the various pain points, interests, and behaviors of BLACK & DECKER’S identified audience. This insight was utilized to customize content which suited the audiences, such as interactive and engaging posts, DIY project tutorials.
    • Boosting social media buzz: Primary channels such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok were leveraged heavily with both organic and paid media content. Through varied forms of content, such as user-generated and tips & tricks, a BLACK & DECKER community was fostered.
    • E-commerce experience optimization: The website was also relooked at by undertaking an audit to ensure a smooth user experience optimized for both web and mobile for online purchases.
  • Collaborations with influencers: The home improvement and DIY space was examined to partner with suitable influencers to endorse products authentically. Credibility and brand visibility were amplified through these collaborations.

The Results

A significant impact was made for BLACK & DECKER after execution:  
    • Improved Engagement Online: The strategy employed for social media led to a 43% rise in engagement metrics, which included shares, likes, comments across social platforms.
    • Surge in Website Traffic: Within 3 months of this new digital marketing campaign, a 36% increase in website traffic was witnessed.
    • Increased Sales Conversion: A 29% increase in online sales was attributed to improved e-commerce features and an intuitive user experience.
  • Positive Brand Perception: Positive sentiment and online mentions of BLACK & DECKER increased massively because of influencer collaborations and a concentration on user-generated content.

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