From Clutter to Clarity: How Blue Tangerine Skyrocketed FedEx's Digital Presence in the UAE

The FedEx Corporation is globally recognized for providing e-commerce, business services, transportation, and logistics solutions. But FedEx is most popularly known for its express delivery services and caters to businesses of all sizes from large corporations to small-to-medium enterprises. The organization is dedicated to offering its clients dependable, effective, and affordable shipping and logistics solutions. To maximize their digital channel expertise, they decided to bring Blue Tangerine onboard to help craft an impactful and winning digital marketing strategy.

The Challenge – Rising above the crowd

FedEx required a strategized way forward to establish themselves as an industry leader. FedEx has multiple competitors ranging from DHL to UPS, so it was no question that they wanted to break away from the clutter, stand out from their rivals in the 3PL logistics space and also share thought leadership content on relevant channels.

How Blue Tangerine Responded

Social media management, Google ads campaigns, thought leadership marketing, and search engine optimization were the key fundamentals leveraged to help FedEx achieve the marketing and business objectives they had set for themselves.

While customer relationship management was still maintained as FedEx’s core business function, Blue Tangerine was given the reigns towards managing the digital marketing efforts.

Having been in the business for many years, FedEx was already regarded as a reliable authority in the logistics and transportation sector. However, with our support, they have been able to cement their place as a highly sought-after 3PL provider in United Arab Emirates.

The fundamental elements explained earlier were implemented step-by-step as follows:
    • Engaging social media and insightful blog contentOne of the issues FedEx had was to cut through the brand clutter of other big-name, global logistics companies. We understood that relevant and valuable content would be a major catalyst towards offline and digital brand growth, hence we decided to leverage intelligently on this. Since FedEx was a long-established market leader in the logistics and transportation space, we recognized the need to convey this expertise to the audience better, and that’s exactly what we did. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn platforms were focused on to develop trusted, value-building and thought-leadership content to FedEx’s existing and potential customers. Ultimately helping to enhance brand awareness and brand equity.
    • Leveraging Google Ads – FedEx’s online properties across Google were examined to set up a comprehensive strategy. Over the course of the campaign, the company produced a huge number of leads and traffic than previously seen before. Keeping in mind to allocate budget spend sensibly, Google was another channel employed successfully to reach the target audiences at the right time.
    • Site revamp and optimization – FedEx’s website was placed on top priority for re-development because their existing website lacked the necessary user experience both in terms of web and mobile. By adding better quality images, SEO-optimized copy, we were able to improve website optimization and increase traffic by 20% since relaunch.
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – FedEx also had the potential to employ SEO best practices to enhance website visibility, achieve higher search ranks, brand awareness and online leads as Google’s organic ranking becomes more competitive each day.We revamped FedEx’s SEO approach over six months of SEO implementation, as well as significantly raise their on-page experience and organic position to achieve their objectives.
    • Email Marketing Campaigns – Research indicates that for every $1 spent on email marketing, an average of $42 in ROI is achieved on average. With Blue Tangerine taking ownership of FedEx’s email marketing campaigns, better customer relationships were formed to generate more prospects and leads, and a steady and high number of unique open rates were achieved.

The Results

Blue Tangerine’s work for FedEx’s digital marketing strategy yielded great results:
    • Enhanced Social Media Engagement: Within the first few months, engagement rates were raised by 30–35% through the content creation strategy employed for the Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn platforms.
    • Google Ads Performance: Compared to prior campaigns, there was a 20% spike in leads and traffic because of the overall Google ad campaign strategy.
    • Growth in Website Traffic: A 23% increase in website traffic after the relaunch due to the redesigned and optimized user experience.
    • SEO Improvements: Over the course of six months, a more effective SEO strategy and implementation lead to a 30–40% increase in organic search visibility and higher search rankings for relevant keywords.
    • Email Marketing ROI: With an average ROI of $42 for every $1 invested in email marketing, a potential ROI of 40% was possible, suggesting that email campaigns yielded significant returns.
  FedEx was effectively moved to an industry leadership position in the UAE logistics space using data-driven SEO, targeted Google Ads, informative blog material, website optimization, and smart social media engagement. FedEx was able to better establish its brand authority and attract a larger audience by way of a 30-35% increase in engagement across important digital channels, a 20% increase in website traffic and leads, and a 30–40% increase in organic search visibility. These results fulfilled the goals set by FedEx and illustrated the effectiveness of all-encompassing digital marketing strategies.

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