Logitech Levels Up: How Logitech Re-Ignited Brand Passion with Personalized Influencer Marketing

When the term computer peripheral devices and software is heard, more often than not, the Logitech brand would come to mind. Logitech has always been a significant player in the ever-changing technology industry. The now multi-billion-dollar company is a testament to its commitment to innovation and in-depth knowledge of human-computer interaction. Logitech’s story is one of connecting the physical and digital worlds, enabling seamless interaction, collaboration, and expression in an increasingly virtual landscape. Beneath the sleek keyboards, and crystal-clear webcams, lies a company driven by a singular vision: to connect people, regardless of their physical location or digital prowess. To stay ahead of the curve, even a big-name brand like Logitech had to update themselves in the rapidly changing digital marketing space. This is when they said yes to Blue Tangerine’s services to help them build the loyal fan base they were looking for.

The Challenge: Building connections with a younger audience

Their problem statement was primarily on building audience connections in an engaging and genuine way. Even though they had strong brand recognition in their respective spaces, fostering deeper relationships with tech enthusiastic consumers was where they fell short. Generic and product-centric advertising has been the strategy for the past couple of years, but now the up-and-coming generation wanted to feel a more human-to-human connection with the brands they associated themselves with. Logitech’s target audience: It was recognized that the target market for Logitech was broad, which mainly included creative professionals, streamers, students, and gamers. The factor which brought all these audiences together was their shared love for technology and search for high performing products. But Logitech did need to personalize their strategic approach accordingly to the different target segments because each target audience segment possessed evolving pain points and preferences.

How Blue Tangerine Responded

We also had a tricky situation on our hands because Logitech gave us a tight budget to work with, and so we had to sit down and think through on how we could achieve Logitech’s intended goals in the most cost-effective yet impactful way possible.

This is when the plan for a strategic influencer marketing campaign was decided upon. A thought-out campaign with engaging and credible influencers who would resonate with each of Logitech’s target audiences.

Comprehensive research was undertaken to carefully pick the right influencers and key opinion leaders from YouTube reviewers, industry-recognized graphic designers, Twitch streamers from each social media platform. These influencers were picked because of their sincerity, enthusiasm for technology, and capacity for building personal connections with their followers.

An authentic approach was considered, and the campaign was driven by experiential content. The influencers were guided to showcase Logitech products in a subtle way incorporating them in their day-to-day lives. The audience was then able to clearly understand and recognize how Logitech improved their experiences when it came to gaming and creative pursuits. The influencers extended the campaign’s engagement and reach by also holding various contests and giveaways.

The Results

The campaign turned out to be a great success and produced amazing results. Brand recognition and engagement for Logitech increased significantly within the identified target audiences. A 17% website traffic increase was witnessed and a 26% growth on the social media follower count on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok was created as well. More significantly, the campaign strengthened the emotional bond between Logitech and its target audience who were genuinely made to feel like members of a tech enthusiastic community. The accomplishments of Logitech’s influencer marketing campaign demonstrated the value of real-world narratives and community development in the digital era. Logitech was able to break through the clutter and really connect with their target audience by collaborating with the appropriate influencers and concentrating on producing high-quality content.

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