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An online presence is essential to enhance brand awareness and communicate about your brand to the target audience.

The definition of digital marketing

Digital marketing benefits: When the word digital marketing comes into mind, it can be quite intimidating as this is usually an umbrella term which encompasses many online marketing elements. All these elements evolve rapidly due to various reasons such as technological advancements, algorithm changes and many other such reasons.

However, leaving all the complications aside, online marketing simply means the use of these many digital marketing elements to market online and reach potential customers.

Importance of an online presence in the modern business environment

In this day and age, if a business does not have a digital/online presence, it would be highly unlikely that the business would be found by the target audience amidst the competition from other brands. Because based on a Salesforce survey, 85% of customers primarily use digital channels such as social media, websites before making buying decisions. 

An online presence is essential to enhance brand awareness and communicate about your brand to the target audience. A potential consumer would have many touchpoints before considering purchasing, so a business should ensure all these different online touchpoints are up to standard for their objectives to be successfully achieved. 

In this blog, we will be discussing the digital marketing benefits for businesses to reinforce the importance and impact of conducting effective digital media marketing.

Enhanced Reach and Global Presence

One of the biggest digital marketing benefits is its ability to break down geographical barriers which can help businesses gain a larger customer base both in their home country and internationally. 

With giant social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, boasting millions of users, through social media marketing which is an element in digital media marketing, businesses have the ability to achieve huge reach through these platforms compared to traditional marketing.

Cultural and language adaptation is also possible because marketing materials and business websites can be translated into different languages to ensure localization helping communicate with global audiences.

Moreover, various platform analytical tools also provide valuable data on campaign performances’ which enable businesses to track key metrics such as engagement, reach and conversions in different regions. This will greatly come into clutch towards deciding on strategies to optimize for improved results. 

There are many brands which leverage this massive digital marketing benefit by launching successful campaigns. For instance, the dairy milk mastermind, Cadbury smoothly integrated modern technology, tradition and the concept of unity to craft a creative Easter marketing campaign.

The Cadbury Worldwide Hide campaign was a virtual Easter egg scavenger hunt which was hyped up across social media platforms and utilized technologies such as Street view and Google Maps allowing people to hide eggs virtually anywhere in the world for their loved ones to find.

The campaign grabbed the attention of global audiences, created the massive engagement Cadbury was aiming for and nurtured the feeling of togetherness across communities. This campaign reinforced the power of digital marketing towards building a global presence and gaining massive reach.

Cost-Effectiveness and ROI

If we were to compare digital marketing and traditional marketing, which refers to offline media marketing using mediums such as TV ads, newspapers, radio, it can be acknowledged that digital marketing is way more cost-effective than traditional marketing. 

With digital marketing, two-way communication with the target audience is possible providing the opportunity for more customer engagement and interaction. In contrast traditional marketing is often only one-way communication, and to identify whether consumers have understood the message is challenging which also makes it difficult to measure marketing success. 

Traditional marketing also involves huge printing and commercial production costs and efforts. Whereas digital marketing benefits include allowing businesses to disseminate information and promote their brands much more affordably. 

Social media platform capabilities have enhanced overtime with advanced editing tools and features making it easier for brands to create videos and posts. This gives all the more reason to justify that online marketing will help achieve greater return on investment (ROI) compared to traditional marketing.

Online content is also effortlessly shareable which allows more people to become aware of your business with the possibility for content to go viral as well. However, the chances of offline content such as brochures, flyers going viral is rare.

Targeted Advertising and Personalization

Rather than putting out messages which are not personalized and targets a generic crowd, which most traditional media does, precision-targeted advertising publishes  content towards audiences’ who are interested and likely to purchase.

The first step towards targeted advertising and personalization is to know your audience. This refers to understanding their demographics, preferences, and psychographics of your audience which will help in creating content which solve audience pain points, meet their needs and accomplish the benefits of digital marketing strategy for personalization.

Customizing or personalizing the different elements of digital marketing can help enhance user experience, and according to statistics from the Boston Consulting Group an estimated $800 billion revenue figure could be hit by 15% of companies which carry out effective personalization.

Personalization can occur in a number of ways such as through dynamic content on website product catalogs, email newsletters, videos where content is personalized according to user’s interests and behaviors. This can lead to users feeling a more authentic connection with brands and ultimately lead to brand loyalty given that there is a consistent flow of personalized content.

A great case study of personalization which came out of the UAE was when Etisalat UAE, a telecommunications company headquartered in Abu Dhabi, decided to incorporate dynamic creative optimization (DCO) into their traditional advertising and static banners. Shifting from product-centric to audience-centric advertisements resulted in a remarkable 3.5X surge in lead generation, a 54% boost in click-through rates within two months, and a notable cost per lead reduction of 20%.

Boost your Business by unleashing these digital marketing Benefits

To sum up, digital marketing has become an indispensable element in modern business plans, reducing the formerly complicated idea to a method of efficiently connecting with online consumers. Having a digital presence is essential as customers make most of their decisions through digital platforms. Key digital marketing benefits include ROI and cost-effectiveness, as well as enhanced reach and global presence. 

Digital marketing is more affordable than traditional techniques, surpassing regional limitations, and leveraging social media for a broad audience. In order to promote user engagement and brand loyalty, it is critical to comprehend and address the demands of the audience, as highlighted by the discussion of personalized advertising and targeting. 

Examples of case studies that demonstrate the concrete results that may be achieved with digital marketing tactics are the Easter campaign by Cadbury and the dynamic creative optimization by Etisalat UAE. Essentially, these advantages highlight the influence and power of digital marketing for businesses to understand in order to come on top of the prevailing competition.

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